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How Does a Wet/Dry Vacuum Work?

Many people have asked the question, "How does a wet/dry vacuum work?" If you are still one of the few who does not own a wet/dry vacuum, read the following article to understand how they operate and why they are better than the average vacuum cleaner.

The interchangeable options

Consider the usefulness of the accessories provided. The very best wet/dry vacuum models have a set of brushes that are interchangeable, such as ones for grout cleaning or ones with a spin scrubber and a wider path attachment. Wet/dry vacuums are also used for buffing hardwood floors with a specialized buffer brush attachment. Since wet/dry vacs are made for factory and industrial atmospheres, many models feature a power cord that is over 30 feet in length.

The bagless bonus

The traditional dust bags and paper filters are left off of wet/dry vacuums intentionally. Instead of a bag, wet/dry vacuums feature tubs where wet materials and other debris go into when sucked up through the hose. These tubs allow wet/dry vacuums to clean wet messes and dirt simultaneously. Dirt is suctioned through the intake port in a wet/dry vac, and both solid and wet materials go through a tube. The flow of air gets reduced in the covering above the tub; this reduction in the air causes gravity to pull up on the suctioned materials and drop it right down into the tub. The air current is then pulled through a fan where it goes out through the exhaust port. This exhaust allows less dirt to exit from it than a regular vacuum.

The fresher solution

A wet/dry vacuum holds the dirt in a much better and cleaner way than a standard vacuum cleaner. In a regular household vacuum, dirt and dust can escape into the air when the user takes out the filter bag. This unavoidably releases allergens back into the air. On the other hand, a wet/dry vac dissolves dirt and debris in the water that is in the tub. The air that comes out of a wet/dry vac contains much fewer contaminants than a regular household vacuum cleaner.

The versatility and efficiency of wet/dry vacuums easily prove their superiority over standard cleaning devices. Try a wet/dry vacuum at your home or workplace today!