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How to Unclog a Drain With a Wet/Dry Vac

Looking to know how to unclog a drain with a wet/dry vac? When the shower drain is clogged, the whole household suffers. If simple methods like boiling water, liquid drain cleaners and the plunger fail, use your wet/dry vacuum cleaner to solve the problem. Follow these simple instructions and get your drain back to normal in a jiffy.

  1. First: The ground work

    Remove the drain cover. If you see any obvious debris, clear it away. If there's standing water in the tub already due to the clog, skip to the next step. Otherwise, turn on the water and fill the bottom of the tub with water to the depth of about one inch.

  2. Second: Prepare your vacuum

    Check that the power switch is toggled to the "off" position, then plug it into an electrical outlet. Open the vacuum and remove the filter to prevent water damage. Take off any nozzles or brush attachments from the hose as well. Store the filter and attachments in a safe, dry place. Wrap the vacuum hose in a washcloth, sock or similar item to ensure a snug fit over the drain. Secure the cloth with a rubber band if necessary.

  3. Third: Make the plunge

    Put the hose into the water. Carefully position it over the drain. Turn on the wet/dry vacuum. Hold the hose steady over the drain for a minute or two while the vacuum removes the clog from the drain. Remove the hose and observe the results.

  4. Fourth: Complete the job

    If the water does not clear quickly, repeat the last step. If the water clears from your tub, unplug your vacuum, drain the contents and restore the filters and attachments as necessary.