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How to Use a Shop-Vac

Heavy duty cleaning jobs are easier than ever as industrial quality cleaning equipment is now more affordable. Learning how to use a Shop-Vac is an essential skill. Many people now use Shop-Vac products for their serious cleaning jobs. While this equipment is more technical than traditional household vacuums, following these steps makes operating a Shop-Vac simple.

  1. First: Assemble with care

    Most Shop-Vac vacuums require some degree of assembly. Make sure to follow instructions in the owner's manual to construct your unit correctly. This also educates you about the various functions that your particular Shop-Vac model is capable of completing.

  2. Second: Test out the waters

    To familiarize yourself with the Shop-Vac operation, clean a room with a lot of open space. As you get more comfortable, begin cleaning corners and harder to reach spots until you feel ready to tackle more complicated cleaning jobs.

  3. Third: Do a little exploring

    Play with the different connections and functions of your Shop-Vac. In order to get the best clean, you should try all the different possible settings. This is especially important for Shop-Vac models with both suck and blow options. Using the wrong setting leads to a much bigger clean up job than what you began with. Practice sucking up dirt or liquids and emptying them with the blow setting into the garbage or other receptacle.

  4. Fourth: Don't ignore maintenance

    Make sure to switch filters before cleaning up liquids. While the Shop-Vac is designed to accommodate both wet and dry cleaning jobs, it requires different filters for these tasks. Similarly, as you suck up liquid, remember that your Shop-Vac has a limited storage capacity. Regularly empty the chamber for optimal use.