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Proper Wet-Dry Vac Maintenance

If you own a wet-dry vac, it is important that you exercise proper wet-dry vac maintenance. Doing so ensures optimal performance of your vac and a greater lifespan for this handy vacuum. The most important thing to remember is to change the solution regularly and to use the right filter. The wet-dry vac uses different filters depending on the different methods of cleaning, meaning different maintenance depending on the model. In addition, it is important to store your wet-dry vac properly.

Clean the solution tank frequently

To ensure that your wet-dry vac has a long lifespan, it is important that you clean it regularly, preferably after each use. Swap the solution tank in the wet dry vac with fresh solution after each use. In addition, regularly flush out the float cage that stops vacuum action.

Use the correct filter for cleaning

For dry vacuuming, use a paper filter. For wet spills, use a cloth filter. After each use, clean the filter thoroughly. You can shake the paper filter to remove loose dust and dirt particles, while rinsing cloth filters clean under soapy water is the best method.

Keep the machine dry when storing it

When storing the machine, do not store it with liquid in the tank.  Run the machine empty for five minutes to remove the moisture from the tank and the attachments. Make sure that your storage space is dry and free from dampness.

In conclusion, the best way to optimize and maximize your wet dry vac is to use it properly and clean it regularly. There are different wet dry vac options available, depending on the method of vacuuming, as well as different filter options.